Firefox 要在浏览器内卖广告,这样的做法妥当吗?

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Firefox 要在浏览器内卖广告,这样的做法妥当吗?

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知乎用户,Life is compromise.

开宗明义:没有什么不妥。甚至如果你是 Firefox 的老用户,这并不会有任何影响。

看 Reuters 的原文:

Mozilla plans to sell ads in Firefox browser Reuters

Novice Firefox users now see nine blank tiles when they open up the browser, which fill in over time with their most-visited or recently visited websites. Now, Mozilla intends to display the most popular sites by location, as well as sponsored websites that will be clearly labeled as such.

这说的是他们会把初次使用者的 Firefox 打开后显示的九宫格由最常用的 / 最近访问的网站九宫格,代之以投资者的网站和地域内的最受人欢迎的网站。

这就是他们要做的"Directory Tiles"项目,已经与投资者洽谈了:

...that it has reached out to potential corporate sponsors about its fledgling "Directory Tiles" program, targeted at first-time users.

Publisher Transformation with Users at the Center这篇文中讲了“Directory Tiles”有说,这个改变事实上是针对初次使用者(first-time user)的:

...which is designed to improve the first-time-with-Firefox experience...

看明白了吗?官方说法是 improve the experience!给的解释是因为第一次使用的用户,对他们来说,空白的九宫格首页没有任何价值,他们的 Directory Tiles 事实上是让他们的使用变得更便捷和容易。



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